Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.1 = Met!

Remember this need? We sent it out in the beginning of this year and we wanted to give you an update.  In the past we have never told the stories of the needs that are met.  We withheld almost all of the stories because we felt like it was boasting in some way.  It is only after prayer and discussion with our leadership team that we have decided to share these stories going forward.  They will begin showing up in this blog as Need Updates.  Our prayer is that these stories will encourage you in your walk with God and inspire you to send people in need to One Need.

Here was the Need Alert we sent out:

Grieving Mother in need of Cremation Services – (Need# 14.1)

We are reaching out to you with a very sad and urgent need tonight.  We are working with a grieving mother in need of cremation services for her 23 year old son.  On Friday afternoon her 23 year old son committed suicide.  The mother in need works at K-Mart for minimum wage and the father is disabled. No one in the family has any resources to speak of.  As you can imagine, the mother is distraught as her son sits in the hospital morgue with no resources for burial expense.

We are working directly with Georgia Funeral Care and Cremation Service. The need is for $795 to pay for the cremation of her son. She is not looking for anything other than getting her son out of the morgue and cremated, no ceremony.

Here is how you can help:

1.) You are or know a cremation service that will perform the service for free.
2.) Contribute a cash donation to One Need for part of the amount. We will combine all donations and work with GA Funeral Services.
3.) Donate $860 for the cremation service and work directly with the woman in need and GA Funeral Services
4.) Pray
5.) We are not sure but feel like there may be State services available for this need.  If you are aware of any, please let Rodney know.

She has also been connected with a local church and pastor for ongoing support.

Please email if you would like to help with this very sad need.

In Christ,

The One Need Team

1 John 3:16-18

Result: Need Met!

Within 2 hours the money was raised and we were able to visit her at her home the following day.  A women’s group at Oak Leaf Church in Canton set up a meal train and continues to minister to the mother and her family.

Join the Deeders today to be a part of meeting needs like this one.

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