Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.17 = Met!

We send out the following alert over the weekend….

Woman in Need of Tire/Wheel Repair – Canton, GA (Need 14.17)

This morning we come to you with a very local and sort of urgent need.  A single mom needs your help in Canton, GA!  Her husband left her alone with three children one week ago due to an affair.

Last night after work the tire on her van literally fell off at the gas station across the street from where she works. She was able to get the van out of the way and it is now just sitting without a front right tire.

What she needs is someone to meet her there and put the tire back on the van and evaluate any other damage.  Also, you need to bring 5 lug nuts with you.  Turns out there were only 2 on the tire and they were stripped.

If you are in Canton, GA, we imagine it would take an hour or two total out of your day to greatly impact her life.

RESULT: Several Deeders responded and one Deeder, that was passing through Canton, helped her get the car fixed.  Another Deeder called her afterwards and purchased her AAA coverage!  Need Met!!

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