Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.15 = Met!

We sent this need out last week.  Here is what happened and where we are with it.

4 women in Need of Employment- Metro Atlanta – Need 14.15

We continue to be amazed at how God uses people when they are willing to live their lives in a missional way.  When people refuse to worry more about the next thing on their list than other’s needs.

Today we alert you of 4 women in need of employment. We had a rash of single women in need of employment over the past week and instead of sending you four separate need alerts, we thought would send you one alert with four needs.

Can you take a second to forward resumes to someone that might be able to provide them an interview?  If you can, that would be a nice and simple way you could serve these women.

If you would like the 4 resumes, so that you can help, please email and he will send them to you.

RESULT: 12 Deeders responded and asked for the resumes.  We are still waiting on employment results.  Continue praying for these women and their employment needs.

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