Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.14 = Met!

We sent out this need alert two weeks ago.  We were made aware of the need by a Deeder calling us and telling us he was already volunteering on this project.  When we did the site visit is was clear that we had to help this family.  It was also clear that the best way to help them was going to be to support the woman that was already calling the shots on the relief effort.  We were honored to serve with Amanda Beckman and her organization The Peach Project Georgia. Check out the Need Alert that went out and the result below.

Widow In Need and In Danger of losing her Children to the State – Ball Ground, GA – Need 14.14

We hope your week is going well.  We come to you today with maybe the largest need we have ever alerted.  Normally we would write the story for the Need Alert, but as it turns out a professional has already done it.  And to be honest, we think they have told the background story better than we ever could.

So click HERE to read the background story of this NEED ALERT.

Done reading?  Good! So here is the update…

DFCS has given the mother an extension until April 18th, next Friday.  At that point they will make a determination on the living conditions for the children and decide weather or not to allow the children to remain in the home.

Please hear us clearly.  We are not fighting DFCS!  Repeat.  We are NOT fighting DFCS!  We believe DFCS does great work and saves children’s lives.  DFCS workers are among us.  We promise DFCS is not trying to hurt the family.  They are doing their job and we love them.  That being said…

Here is what needs to happen prior to next Friday:

  1. Major Repairs to the Mobile Home to get it up to code by April 18th.
  2. Possibly Replacing the Mobile Home by April 18th
  3. Building Materials
  4. Dumpster – Delivery and Pick Up
  5. General Labor around the home
  6. Food for the family’s pantry
  7. Clothes for the children – Boy 12, Girl 14
  8. Clothes for the mother
  9. Clothes for the grown son – 17 years old
  10. Furniture for the home.  All and any, but you will have to deliver it or have it delivered.  We do not have the capacity t deliver furniture.
  11. Refrigerator

As I said before this is the biggest need we have ever alerted.  It is going to take many of us to get involved.  No one person or one group is going to be able do all that needs to be done.  And the list of all that needs to be done is way to long to list above. 

This need is going to take all of us doing something.  Not some of us trying to do everything.  

My friend Gilbert Simpson shared a scripture with me this week and it has been heavy on my heart.  The scripture is James 4:17 – so whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.  

So I pass hat scripture along to you….

If you feel like this is something you should do please act. Be brave.  God will be with you. Do not be afraid, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Here is our chance.

If you would like to act on this ALERT and get involved with this NEED, please email  He will coordinate the relief effort.

Finally, please tune into WSB News tonight at 6pm to see the full story reported.

RESULT: The Deeders responded and we were able to raise enough money to help purchase all the building materials needed.  Her home got a new roof, new wall paneling, new flooring, new windows, new plumbing, new showers and new toilets.  All the trash has been removed from the property and the brush and vegetation has been beaten back from the property.  A fence company will be installing a fence this week.  Deeders also responded with food, furniture, and clothing and those needs are completely filled.  We also began a relationship with the mother and through that have been able to speak truth into her life.  She is making positive changes and we will be with her for a long time to come.  On Good Friday D.F.C.S. returned the children to their mother and closed the case.  We have no words for what God has done through the work of the Deeders and The Peach Project Georgia.  

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