Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.11 = Met!

We sent out this need alert to the Deeders here at One Need...

Working Family of 6 in Need of Housing (Cherokee County, GA) Need - 14.11

Today's need alert is for a working family of 6.  They are in need of better housing and, because the work very hard, they have a decent budget.  The family has recently moved to Cherokee County to be closer to family for support and Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.

They have four children ages 5, 4, 2 & 1.  The older children do not have any health issues, but the two younger ones do.  The 2 year old has severe asthma and has ben hospitalized close to 20 times.  The 1 year old is fighting a medical condition that has required a him to be put on a feeding tube for up to two months.

Currently they live in a very small town home that is very close to a busy road. The home has mold and water damage and you can imagine the concerns of the parents for their asthmatic child. They also would like to be able to allow the children to play outside, but currently can't because they are too close to the road.

So, here are the issues specifically....

Dealing with their children's health issues and really life in general has left them with a poor credit record.  They also have not been able to pull any extra money together for deposits and other moving type fees.  The good news is that that are not tied to a lease where they are currently living.

They have a $900 per month budget for a place to live and are praying for a 4 bedroom home in Cherokee County, GA that is not on a busy road.

As you can imagine, they also have other needs such as clothing of the kids but the parents really only wanted us to alert you of their housing need.

So here is how you can help:

  1. Pray for this hard working family.
  2. Let them know of housing opportunities in the $900 per month range that fit their criteria.
  3. Any other blessing in the form of clothing or other necessities you may have in mind.

Result: We did not meet the need directly throughout he Need Alert. However, the Need was met by the Deeder that referred the family to One Need.  When the Deeder sent the family to us at One Need they did not stop trying to help.  She kept looking for a solution and she found one.  The family is moving into their new home this month!

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