Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.18 = Met!

We sent out the following need alert last week….

Husband and Father in Need of Employment or Contract Work – (Need 14.18)

We hope your “between sundays” is going well.  We pray that you have been able to take the message of hope we all heard last weekend out into your community this week.

As you can imagine, we get lots of need submissions every week.  We receive all the needs, we personally call very person in need, we help them evaluate their situation and give them direct contact ability with our outreach pastors.  We get all kinds of needs and you might be interested to know that 4/5 needs submitted are never Alerted to the you, the Deeders.

The person in need has to be willing to take the help we offer and their need has to be a need that, if met, will have a positive and lasting impact on the person.  We pray for discernment on every need.

Have you ever heard the expression “your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear a word you are saying”?  We want our actions to reflect our message and we hope we are able to give you opportunities for action between Sundays.  If you have questions about the message then reach out to your pastor.  If you don’t have a pastor, you can contact Rodney McClure at or 678.431.8200 he will be excited to talk with you.

Ok, enough of that.  Here is the Need Alert.

We have a husband and father of 3 in need of work.  He is a plumber by trade, but also has experience in general contact work.  He wanted me to make sure that you also knew that he is not picky!  He just wants to work!  His wife is a nurse assistant and they are barely getting by with her pay.  He needs work in a bad way.

If you have something for him please email and he will connect you.

RESULT: He is working multiple full-time employment leads and has secured several contract jobs.  In fact, he is working on one today!

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