Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.28 = Met!

We sent out the below Need Alert last week....

Result: 8 Deeders responded with donations and we were able to apply $652 to the balance on the GA Power Account! She is on her way to paying off the balance.

Transitional Housing - Need 14.28

Good Afternoon.  We hope your week is going well.

We alert you today of a need that was brought to us by The Cherokee Family Violence Center (C.F.V.C.).

The need is for a mother and her children that are transitioning from the center's emergency housing unit to one of their transitional housing units.  CFVC assists families that have been victims of domestic violence and helps them start new lives.

Many times, as in this case, their former lives still follow them financially.  In this case the abuser left the mother with many unpaid bills.  One of which was a $1,637.00 Georgia Power Bill.

The issue is that the transitional housing unit uses Georgia Power and they will not allow her to get power turned on in her transitional unit unless the balance is paid.  As we mentioned before, CFVC seeks to help the victims start new lives.  Having a power bill in their name is part of that process.  Transitioning them out is the goal.

The absolute only thing keeping this family from transitional housing is this Georgia Power bill.

We would like to raise the money to help them pay it and therefore get them out of the emergency housing and on their way to independent living.

So, here is what we are asking you to consider:

1.) Please stop what you are doing for a second and pray for this need, this family, the Deeders that are receiving this need and CFVC.

2.) Make a donation - CLICK HERE - And select "Specific Need Donation" - The need number is 14.28 - As always 100% of your donation will go directly to this specific need and your donation is also 100% tax deductable.

We love you very much and are honored to serve with you,

The One Need Team

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