Help a Single Mom with Car Tags: Need 15.5 = Met

Status: 9 Deeders have responded from 9 different churches in 4 different sates, and donated $330.  We are transferring the resource to the local church partner for them to use in ministry to this woman in need.

(UPDATED - 2.2.15 @ 1:15pm EST)



Good morning everyone..!

We are giving you a chance to help a family first thing this week.  We have connected with a single Mom who needs assistance getting her car repaired and tags renewed.  She was connected to us through FCA in Woodstock and we are working with a local church to provide the assistance.  Here is her story...

This single parent family is in the midst of transition - to say the least.  The Mom is between jobs - she's got two prospective opportunities that are close to being offered to her.  She was also just forced to move out of the home they were renting because the owner sold it.  Our church partner was able to move her and her children to a temporary home so they have a place to stay.

In the middle of all of this, her car tags are expired and she is unable to pass emissions until repairs are made on her car.  We want to help relieve this burden so she can get settled into a new job and find a new place to live.


As we said, her car is unable to pass emissions due to needed repairs and she needs assistance getting her tag tax paid.  The needed repairs are going to cost $550.  The Mom has $200 and the church partner is going to donate $150.  So this leaves $200 remaining to get it done.  The car tax totals are detailed below.

$200 = Repair work
$115 = Tag taxes
$15 = Tag fee

$330 = Total

How To Help

There are two ways you can assist with this need:

1. Stop and pray for this family.  They have a lot going on and they need your prayers.

2. Donate to the car repairs and tag fees by filling out the donation form below.


If you have any questions - please contact Rodney at

Have a great week..!

The One Need Team
1 John 3:16-18

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