Single Mom in Need of Furniture – Take 2: Need 15.4 = Met

STATUS = Need met in 10 minutes!!! - 4 Deeders from 4 different churches in 2 states donated $300 for this need.  We will work with the local church partner to deliver and use the overage to address other financial needs with her.(Updated - 1.31.2015 at 12:23 pm)


Hello Deeders..!

We sent this need out yesterday and received some great responses.  Based on what we have received so far, we think this is the best solution for this Mom - but we need your help to get it done.  Check it out below...

Our Mom and her daughter live in a community that one of our church partners work with closely.  She has relocated to the Marietta area and is need of a few items to get their place set up.

Her daughter currently sleeps on a mattress in the floor and has no other furniture.  They also have no table in their place to eat meals together.  We would like to do what we can to get them established.  And it's only going to take a few items.  See below.


So as we mentioned yesterday, the family is in need of a kitchen table and furniture for the girl's bedroom.

One of our Deeders works at a local furniture company that can provide the following items for $340.  The Deeder is going to cover $150 of this cost so we just need to raise the additional $190.

* Glass top dining table with 4 padded chairs

* Twin mattress, box spring, and frame

* Dresser with mirror

* Nightstand

We will have our local church partner pick up the furniture and deliver it to the family.

How To Help

There are 2 ways that you can assist with this need:

1. Continue to pray for this need, the Deeders and church partner who will work with this family.

2. Fill in an amount in the donation box below to make a donation toward the $190 needed to complete the furniture purchase.


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If you have any questions at all, please contact

In Him,

The One Need Team
1 John 3:16-18

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