We need to go another mile: Need 15.20 = Met

STATUS: 17 Deeders have responded, from 4 different states and 8 different local churches and donated $900.  This need has been met and we are transferring the funds to the local church partner to continue to apply relief.

(Updated - 4.15.15 @ 3:28pm)


Good Wednesday Deeders!

It is with a determined heart that I alert you this morning. Please take a little time to read this Need Alert and fully understand what is happening here and the impact filling this need can really have on this single mother.

Before I tell you this situation I want to explain something to you.

When you are alerted of a need it represents less than 8% of the people that we work with at One Need.  92% of the people that submit needs to us, through our local church partners, are helped and ministered to without using the Deeder network.

We only send out Need Alerts to you, the Deeder Network, when we are dealing with a relief situation. When it is a rehab or development situation we work with the people directly and get help from other partners when needed. We do not feel obligated to fix everyone's problems and we do not carry any guilt about the fact that less than 8% of the people we work with are actually alerted to you.

Our goal is not send out Need Alerts to you. Our goal is to help every single person in need that comes to us for help and sometimes that includes alerting you.

It is even more rare that we alert you of a need twice for the same person. However, it does happen and this is one of those times. Most of the time this happens when a local church partner really digs in with the person in need. This is exactly what we want the local church doing and that is what has happened with the need I alert you of today. And in the same way that we do not feel guilt for not being able to fix everyone's problems, we inversely are willing to go to war to help the ones we know we should.

We should help this single mother we alert you of today.
Yes... again.

You helped this single mother of 2 small children through Need 15.17 just a few weeks ago.  She was able to pay her rent and and start her new job as a teacher's assistant!

She attended the local church partner's service the following Sunday for the first time. (perfect!) She met some people from the church that befriended her immediately. (perfect!) Though these relationships, the people of the church discovered more urgent needs.(perfect!)

So here is what they discovered:

She had started her job, but she is paid monthly with her new job.  Her 2nd job is part time and does not even come close to earning her enough to make it to the end of the month. Even if when she gets to the end of the month and pays her entire paycheck to get caught up, she will have nothing for yet another month.  The church leadership is working with the landlord and negotiating with him on her behalf. (perfect!).

This is a single mother that is now working two jobs and is a risk of losing her apartment.  If she is evicted, she will have that on her credit and it will be very hard to find another place to live. All the while the children will be distressed and once she finds a new place, her monthly bills will be the same as they are now...except she will just have a bigger hole to dig out of.

She met with her new friends from the church this week agreed to full disclosure. The church went through her finances and determined she really needs $900 more to get caught up.  After that, she will be on her way. They also secured her an appointment with a financial planner to keep her on track going forward.

The bottom line is that she originally asked for $700 thinking it would be enough. It was not nearly enough. She needed $1500.

So we want to go another mile with her and really help fix her immediate problems and develop her going froward.


Back Rent and Late Power Bill - $900

How To Help

1.) Take a second and pray for this Need Alert and every Deeder that is receiving it.

2.) CLICK HERE to make donation.

*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.

All Need Alerts are prayed over and fully reviewed before you receive them. When you see a Need Alert from One Need we want you to have confidence that we are providing relief to a person with a real need. Furthermore, you should know that every need originates with a local church partner. Less than 5% of the Needs we work with become Need Alerts. You can feel confident that when you receive a Need Alert, like this one, that we have dug in and worked with the local church partner and the person in need. We know these people, their backgrounds, and have others that confirm these needs.
If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

In Christ,

Rodney & The One Need Team

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