Single Mother and her 5 Year Old Son Hit By Car: Need 15.12 = Met

STATUS = 15 Deeders, from 12 different churches, and 6 different states have responded and donated $1200.  This need is met.  The resources have been transferred to the local church for them to provide the relief.(Updated 3.4.2015 @12:19am EST)


We alert you today of of a single mother and her son that are in need.  On December 8th of last year they were both struck by a car while trying to cross a busy road. At the time of the accident the mother was supporting her son well by working her customer service job with a large corporation.

The accident left the young boy with a torn small intestine, broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken pelvis, and 13 stitches. The mother suffered a fractured vertebra, bulging disk, 2 lost teeth, and two other teeth were broken. Clearly the son suffered the most life threatening injuries, but they are both fortunate to be alive today.

Due to the injuries to both her and her son, the mother was forced to take FMLA  and short-term disability from work.

As you can imagine this has created a financial strain on this single mother. Our local church partner has been walking with her through this trying time in her life and now needs our help.

The mother has been released to work again and is super excited to get back at it. The only issue is child care for her son. Before the accident he stayed in before school care and after school care. As you can imagine this is a long day for the little guy in any condition. However, his injuries are now preventing him from being able to attend after school care. Once he has healed a little more he will be able to go back to his old routine.

So we need to provide some funds to get him some home care for 1 month so that this hard working single mother can get back to work and independantly providing for her son.


As timing would have it the boy's spring break from school is also in just a few weeks and when you add that to the normal after school care for March, it brings the total up a good bit.

120 Hours of Child Care at $10 per hour = $1,200 Total Need 

How To Help

1.) Take a second and pray for this Need Alert and every Deeder that is receiving it.

2.) CLICK HERE to make donation.

*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductable and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.

All Need Alerts are prayed over and fully reviewed before you receive them. When you see a Need Alert from One Need we want you to have confidence that we are providing relief to a person with a real need. Furthermore, you should know that every need originates with a local church partner. Less than 5% of the Needs we work with become Need Alerts. You can feel confident that when you receive a Need Alert, like this one, that we have dug in and worked with the local church partner and the person in need. We know these people, their backgrounds, and have others that confirm these needs.
If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at

In Christ,

Rodney & The One Need Team

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