Last Minute Christmas Help: Need 14.60 = Met

STATUS: 5 Deeders have responded and we raised $270 (updated 11:22am EST)


We alert you this morning of a last minute Christmas need.  As an organization we decided that we would not be able to send out need alerts individually due to the sheer volume of Christmas needs.  That is why through prayer we decided to run Operation Christmas Match. That event has been incredible!  We have matched many families that have resources to families in need during this Christmas season.

So to be honest we thought that was it.  We thought we had "done our job" so to speak and we could move on with our plans. One problem... during routine call backs to needers from our partner churches this morning, we had a discussion with the mother of a young family.  We had been playing phone tag for a few days with her and finally this morning we connected.

This family of five has a father that works full time, but his pay has been reduced over the past 4 months by almost 60%. They are patching things together and we have begun the process of working with them. However, they are not going to be able to provide anything to their children for Christmas. The three kids are a 10 year old boy, 4 year old boy, and 1 year old girl.

Through conversation with them, and prayer with them we feel like The Holy Spirit has officially broken our plans.

We feel an overwhelming desire to help this family.  So, we are breaking our best laid plans and sending out this individual "Christmas Need Alert" this morning to provide a last minute Christmas to this family. We are calling an audible at the line so to speak.

The Plan

We are going to raise money for Walmart and Target Gifts Cards. Now with a group of Deeders like you guys this could get out of hand quickly.  So, we are setting the limit at $250 total.  We will split the amount between the two cards. As always, local Christians in the area will deliver the card to the family and invite them into their lives.  We are only going to keep this Need open for 8 hours today.  This need will close at 8pm EST today or when $250 has been raised. So, if you really want to contribute be quick about it.

How To Help

1.) Pray for this family and the people Christians that are working directly with them.
2.) CLICK HERE to make a donation to the gist card.
*As always 100% of your donation will go to this exact need and is 100% tax deductible.

If you have any questions call Rodney at 678.431.8200 and he will guide you.

In Christ,

The One Need Team

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