Mother Needs Supervised Christmas Visit : Need 14.59 = Met

STATUS: Met - 2 Deeders Responded and we raised $120.  

Good Afternoon.This need, like all needs we alert you of, originated at a local church and the relief will be delivered by members of that local church.  The goal for providing this resource is to create an opportunity for a conversation and hopefully a relationship with this mother.  Your contribution will provide a resource for these church members to reach her.


This mother of a 9 year old girl and 8 year old boy lost custody of her children in July of 2011 after a mental breakdown that left her hospitalized.  Since then she has only been allowed to see the children under supervision.  Normally this sort of thing would have been worked out by now, but her lack of financial resources has prevented her from making the necessary arguments to get this changed. We are working directly with the consulting agency that supervises these visits as they have intimate knowledge of the entire situation.


She would like to visit with her children for 4 hours for Christmas on December 20th. The cost for the court mandated supervision is $50 per hour. She has enough to cover 2 hours and the consulting agency has agreed with to reduce the rate to $40 per hour. We would like to provide her with 2 hours of supervised time. In talking with he Agency, we were told that the daughter especially longs for more time with her mother.  We want to work with this local church body to help heal this situation. We think the first step is to help with the visitation on the 20th.

How To Help

1.)  Stop and pray for this family and all the Deeders receiving this Need Alert.

2.) CLICK HERE to make a donation to this need.

*Remember, 100% of very dollar donated will go to this particular need and is 100% tax deductible.

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