STATUS: 8 Deeders have responded and been connected to a families in need in their community (updated 12.15.2014 - 11:31pm)


We are excited to alert you today about our Christmas matching event! Before we explain the details of this event we would like to take this opportunity to explain our philosophy on providing benevolence, including at Christmas time.

We believe the needs of the community are the responsibility of The Church. However, The Church does not equal church staff, the local church, or really even all of the people that attend church. The Church equals all of the believers, everywhere. When we say "the needs of a community are the responsibility of The Church", we mean it. But!...We want to be sure that we are all using the same definition of The Church. So, if The Church is all of the believers everywhere and the needs of the community are the responsibility of The Church, then the needs of every community are the responsibility of every believer.

All of this being said, we are not called to fix a lost broken and dying world. Jesus did that. We are commanded to go, to all nations, make disciples, baptize them, teach them all Jesus commanded...and God will be with us while we do this.

So you may be asking...what does this have to do with "benevolence" and Operation Christmas Match? Well, we are glad you asked!  Everything we do should be an effort to accomplish this commission to the best of our ability.

At One Need, we have strong opinion on how we as The Church should be meeting needs. We believe that the front lines of this effort start at the local church.  One Need is committed to supporting the local church in the area of benevolence. We are committed to organizing resources from throughout The Church, providing those resources the the local church, and creating opportunities for relationships between the local church body and those in need. Every single Need Alert met by One Need is delivered by a member of a local church into their community. This is where the work of the ministry is done. We do not take the ministry from he local church, we organize the effort and provide administrative support to the process.

Ok...with all of that understood let me tell you what we are doing for Operation Christmas Match.  Every year we are flooded with Need Submissions from people in need of help with Christmas gifts for their children.  Also every year we are asked by Deeders if we have a drop off point for gifts.

Operation Christmas Match is your opportunity to connect with a family in need, in your community, in order to create a lasting relationship.  Not just a "Christmas Project"

How It is Going To Work

We have a list of family that have submitted Needs for help with Christmas for their children.

You have the opportunity to personally connect with a family in need, talk with them, get to know them and then provide Christmas for their children.

If you would like to do so, please email rodney@oneneed.org and he will guide you.

I you are not ready or able to do this you can still help!  Stop and pray for this event and every family in need.

The One Need Team


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