Widow Needs a Hand Up: Need 14.56 = Met

STATUS: 8 Deeders have responded and we have collected the entire amount. (updated 12.4.2014 - 11:10am)


Good afternoon!  We alert you today of a widow in need.  As with all of our Need Alerts, this need originated through one of our church partners.  If God moves through you and the other Deeders of One Need to provide relief, that same church partner will be delivering the resources and building a relationship with her.  We think the relationship is where ministry happens, not the event.

On August 1st of 2014 the widow's husband committed suicide.  His chosen method was a bottle of pills combined with an over the counter cold and sleep medicine.  The doctors tried to save him for a week but we not successful.

As you can imagine she was devastated.  Before she could even receive the death certificate, his sisters filled probate due to fears that she might sell some items he had inherited.  This action made her unable to sell any items at all, including his truck.

In the week following her husband's death, she allowed her 26 year old son to move in with her for support.  He proceeded to rob her to feed his methamphetamine addiction.  Shortly after he was arrested for abusing his wife and is currently incarcerated.

She is a hair dresser and has never had an issue paying her bills.  However, these events along with depression have placed her in need of some financial support.

We think it is important for you to know that she did not approach the church partner.  A member of the church partner saw this need and directed her to their church for help.

We believe if we can just get her though the next month or two she will be able to sell assets and adjust her life to a sustainable level.

How To Help

We need to help her pays some bills:

* Power Bill - $272 + $80 reconnect fee (It was disconnected yesterday)

* Gas Bill - $120

* Water Bill - $15

* Cell Phone Bill - $52.75

* Rent - $585

* Car Insurance - $200 (Canceled Last Week - Leaving her without transportation to work)

The total amount needed is $1,144.75

We are asking you to consider doing a few things:

1.)    Please pray for her and those trying to reach her.

2.)    CLICK HERE to make a donation to provide her financial relief

3.)    Share this Need Alert with a friend.

*As always, 100% of your donation will go to this need and is 100% tax deductible*
If you have any questions please feel free to email rodney@oneneed.org#betweensundays

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