Widow Taking Guardianship of Two Grandsons : Need 14.53 = Met

STATUS = 10 Deeders responded and we collected $608.25. The church partner is taking the relief to the widow.

(Update 9:35am EST - 11.20.14)

Good Afternoon.

We alert you today of a widow in need.

This need, as with all needs from this point forward, was originated by one of our church partners.

In July of 2013 she lost her husband to cancer.  Just three weeks later, she lost her brother to cancer as well.

Although she has been dealing with a tremendous amount of grief she has been able to keep her head above water financially since the death of her husband.

Three months ago her son and daughter-in-law were arrested on drug related charges. This development forced the widowed grandmother to step in and take guardianship of her two grandsons, ages 2 and 3 years old.

The relatively small court costs she incurred have sent her already tight budget into dangerously slim margins. She has never been behind on any bills and as of today is current on everything... but man it is tight!  And now she is adding two more mouths to feed.

We have conducted a full financial review of her income sources and expenses and would like to collect a love offering.. A good old fashion pass the plate! (See Details Below)

We know that she is going to need a little help in the coming months adjusting to her new life with these children and we would like to help her.

Here is the Need:

* Love Offering for Widow taking Guardianship of 2 Grandsons

How You Can Help:

* Stop and Pray for this woman and her family.  Also pray for every single Deeder that receives this Need Alert.

* Make a Donation Below

Please know a few facts about your donation:

* The offering will be provided to the local church partner to deliver to the widow in need and they will also attempt to make lasting connection with her in order to pull her into their community. (This is the sustaining plan)

* As always, 100% of your donation will go to this particular need.  This widow will get 100% of your donation

* As always, your donation is 100% tax deductible and you will receive a donation letter from One Need at the end of the tax year. 

We will leave this need open for one week.  Please prayerfully consider providing this woman some much needed relief.

If you have any questions please feel free to email rodney@oneneed.org and he will assist you.

Between Sundays,

The One Need Team
1 John 3:16-18

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