23 Year Old Single Mother At Risk Of Being Homeless And Losing Her 5 Year Old Daughter To State Care: Need 14.52 = Met

Result = 8 Deeders responded and donated $608.85. We worked with a separate Non-Profit to match this donation.  Need Met!

(updated – 11.18.14 – 6:10am EST)

Happy Thursday!

We alert you today of a pretty urgent need.  We are working to help a 23 year old single mother keep her 5 year old daughter and get back on her feet.

Let us start this need explanation by saying this…We do not save children from DFCS, unless we need to save children from DFCS.  We work with DFCS directly on all need submissions they are involved in and follow their advice and direction.  If DFCS determines a parent is unfit, we believe them.

So this need submission was no different.  We are working directly with the the agency.

So here is the back story.  This single mother has a 5 year old daughter.  The father of the child is serving prison time for robbery and is set to be released in December of 2015.  His intention is to care for his daughter upon his release.  The mother recently fled an abusive relationship fueled by drugs and alcohol. As a result, she was left without a place to live.  The school realized this and reported the child’s home situation to DFCS.  Just after they reported the issue, the mother was able to go back to the apartment because the man had vacated.  She has been able to take control of the apartment and needs to get caught up on rent to keep the place.

DFCS has found no other fault with her and wishes for her to regain control of her living situation and keep her child.  That is our wish too.  She has employment, but needs some urgent help for you as she has zero family to turn to.

Here is the the Need:

  • 2 Month’s Rent – $1300

The property management company has waived all late fees as they to are aware of the situation.

How you can Help:

  • Stop your day and say a prayer for her and the other Deeders receiving this need alert.
  • CLICKING HERE to contibute to his Need.  This is a larger need so we are going to need several Deeders to contribute in order to get the entire amount needed.

*As always, 100% of your donation will go to this particular need and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

If you have any questions please feel free to email rodney@oneneed.org and he will direct you.

Between Sundays,

The One Need Team

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