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(Updated 8am - 10.24.14)

Wheelchair Ramp Installation  Ringgold, GA

(Need 14.48)

Good Friday Morning!

We hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to an exciting weekend.

We alert you this morning of couple in need of help building a wheelchair ramp.  They were referred to us by one of our ministry partners, This Hope.

Several years ago this couple bought a mobile home for their daughter and placed it on their property.  Recently their daughter moved out and left the place a disaster...haul a dumpster full of trash away sort of disaster.

The parents are trying to clean the place up and get it back into working order but are facing some challenges due to their health.  The father is bound to a walker due to back surgery and the wife deals with serious health issues related to heart failure.

They both feel like they could do most of the work needed over time if they just had a way to get in and out of the mobile home more easily.

They have the money to pay for supplies but need the labor and knowledge to build the ramp.  Once the ramp is built they can begin to make other repairs inside of the unit.

The father has a Doctorate in Biblical Studies and would like to turn the place into a Bible training center in the future.

The Need:

* Knowledge and Labor to Build a Wheelchair Ramp to Mobile Home

Please take a second and pray for this need.  If you would like to learn more or know that you can help with the ramp, please email


This Hope will be performing and launching their new album, "Face The Fight",  at First Baptist Church Woodstock this Sunday at 5pm.  We will be there, so come worship with us!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

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