Need Status Update: Need 14.47 = Met

Result = 8 Deeders responded and Met the need!

(updated 10.27.14 – 12:25 EST)

Single Mother of Nine in Need of Bunk Beds – Smyrna, GA 

(Need 14.47)

Good Morning!

We sent out this need last week and it did not get met.
Let’s try this again but in a little different way.

We alert you today of a single mother of nine in need of bunk beds.  Enough said right?  She has nine kids so clearly she needs bunk beds!  Kidding.

The mother is 36 years old and has had considerable hardship in her lifetime.  She is doing her best to provide for the 5 children that currently live with her.

She recently took in her 15 year old son because his father kicked him out because of his behavior.  This has crowded the other children’s sleeping space.  We want to give her bunk beds to make sure that all the kids have an adequate place to sleep.

The Need:

We want to buy this bunk bed…

And 2 of these mattresses..

How you can help:

  • Take a second and pray for this family in need
  • CLICK HERE to make a Specific Need Donation

If you have any questions, please email and he will direct you.

Be sure to follow the status of this need by keeping an eye on THE DEED FEED

Between Sundays,

The One Need Team

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