Need Status Update: Need 14.46 = Met!

Result = Financial need met by 3 Deeders..!  Still in need of job opportunities.

(8:15pm- 10.6.2014)

Family in Need of Helping Hand – Powder Springs, GA – Need 14.46

Good Morning,

We hope your week between Sundays has started well.

We have an opportunity today to assist a family of 6 in Powder Springs who are in need of a helping hand.  Here’s their story…

Everything for the family was stable until things got shaken up over the past couple of months.  The Dad worked for the last 2 years for the City of Smyrna in building / grounds maintenance until he was laid off in July.  The Mom worked for 5 years as Operations Manager at an executive office suites company until they recently filed bankruptcy and laid off all of their employees in September.

They have both been diligently searching for new employment – the Dad was even offered a position with another city government recently, but the worker he was replacing decided to stay.  They both have resumes and are considering all options that might fit their background.

They have been able to receive assistance from family with rent and other expenses, but need immediate assistance with their water bill to offset any disconnections.

We have potentially linked them with a local church and believe this is a situation where we can greatly impact their lives.


  • Water Bill  – $221.00



  • Employment for both parents.  The Mom has experience as an Office / Operations Manager and the Dad has experience in building and grounds maintenance.



  • Pray – Stop what you are doing and take a second to pray for her.
  • Connect each with employment opportunities that match their background. (Resumes available upon request)
  • Connect with her and build a relationship


As always 100% of all need donations go directly to the specific need and are 100% tax deductible.

If you can assist or need additional details, email and he will connect you.

For updates on this need and others be sure to check out THE DEED FEED


On Mission,

The One Need Team


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