STATUS: Need Met! -  3 Deeders responded with donations and utilities are paid in full.  2 Deeders responded to connect with her.

74 Year Old Widow in Need of Help - Canton, GA - Need 14.44

Good Morning.

We hope your week is going well and that you are continuing to consider the gospel in everything you do between sundays.

We alert you today of a 76 year old widow in need.

She has been a widow since 2005 and took in her daughter and grandson last May. Opening her home has made an already unrealistically tight budget completely break down.

Although this need is mostly financial, we would love to have Deeders meet her and develop a relationship with her.  Please know that this is always an option regardless of your material resources.

She was able to work at the local jail until 2012.  That part time position made her budget work well.  However, when she lost that job the budget became super tight and eventually broke down due to increased utilities bills caused by her opening her home to family.

We think this is a situation that The Church can greatly impact.


  • Power Bill - $268.00
  • Water Bill  - $120.00


  • Part-Time Employment - she has an annual budget shortfall of $3,408.  She needs a part-time job that will pay her $500 to $800 per month.


  • Pray - Stop what you are doing and take a second to pray for her.
  • Make a Specific Need Donation for Need 14.44
  • Point her towards employment
  • Connect with her and build a relationship

If you would like to make a Specific Need Donation please CLICK HERE - Make sure the need is noted as a donation for NEED 14.44

As always 100% of all need donations go directly to the specific need and are 100% tax deductable.

If you would like to connect with her just email and he will guide you.

For updates on this need and others be sure to check out THE DEED FEED

On Mission,

The One Need Team


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