Need Status Update: Need 14.41= Met!

Result - Need Met! = $2,650.00 raised.  $1,765 still needed. Delivered Check made out to the University to Local Church.  They are meeting with him to deliver check to school and create a plan for the remaining amount. (Last Updated - 8:04 am on 9.25.14)


Tuition Payment Needed for Licensure - Professional Counseling (Need 14.41)

Good Evening.

Sometimes a need, after a complete evaluation, seems so big that we hesitate to alert you. This was one of those needs.

It is times like these that we remind ourselves that we can't meet any need.  They are all up to God... Big or Small.

This need came into one of our partner churches from a twenty six year old man that has been doing it all by the book.  He has worked hard and through prayer, solicited  the help of The Church.

Growing up in a low income area, his six grade class was adopted by the 100 Black Men of America and provided a college scholarship.

At age 19 he gave his life to Christ and has been seeking God's will for his life ever since.

He attended Valdosta State University on that scholarship where he majored in Religious Studies and Philosophy. While earning his degree he started a poetry organization on campus and spent his Wednesdays afternoons reading the Bible aloud in the schools free speech area.

Upon graduation he was led to continue his education and earn a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling. He has now accomplished that goal.  However, the issue has become a financial.

He has earned the credits to graduate, but his diploma is being held because his scholarship ran out and he still owes $4,415.  He is unable to apply for student loans because he is no longer enrolled in school. 

He needs his diploma and transcripts to apply for licensure.  And his employment depends on licensure.

His ultimate goal is to create male leadership groups in underprivileged areas.  He has a vision of small groups of men leading other men in these areas.  To make this a reality he has to begin work in his field.  

We want to help him pay the entire balance so that he can move forward!

We have prayed over this need and with the young man.  Our prayer is that God's will is done and that this need disrupts your daily routine, prompts you to pray for this need, and if possible make a donation.

So here is how you can help this need:

  • Pray for this young man and this Need Alert - 14.41
  • Make Financial Donation

To make a "specific need" financial donation CLICK HERE and be sure 14.41 is noted in the need number field.

As always 100% of all donations are 100% tax deductible and very penny donated will go toward the need specified.

On Mission Between Sundays,



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