Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.37 = Met!

We sent the below need alert out yesterday morning.

Result:  9 Deeders responded with donations and the need was met in abundance with $1,119.67 being donated.  We were able to pay the power bill and give her $631.67 to start her new life. 

24 year old mother and her 2 year old daughter fleeing abuse - Cobb/Cherokee County, GA - Need 14.37

We partner with the Chrokee Family Violence Center today in alerting you of this need.

This young working mother has recently left  her abusive husband and is without a place to live.  She has secure employment and has found a place through the C.F.V.C. and only has one obstacle... Her delinquent GA Power Bill.

If she can get her bill paid she is in the apartment her and her daughter desperately need.  We want to come along side her and help her in her time of need.

The Need:

  • Payment of $488.00 Georgia Power Bill

She does have some money to put towards it and because she is working hard that amount grows daily.  We don't like her being without a place to stay and want to help her.

Please consider making your 100% tax deductible donation by CLICKING HERE.

We will pay Georgia Power Directly and continue to share God's love with her as we connect her with the body of Christ.

Please contact if you have any further questions.

The One Need Team

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