Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.36 = Met!

The below need alert went out 2 weeks ago….

RESULT – 3 Deeders responded and connected with her.

Fleeing Mother in need of Connection (Woodstock/Roswell -GA)- Need 14.36

Good Monday Afternoon!

We hope you had an awesome weekend and were able to gather to worship and get prepared for what God has in store for you this week.

We come to you today with a really simple need.  Not easy, but simple.  It is as simple as being present.

Here is what is going on:

A mother of a 4 year old little girl is fleeing a domestic violence situation.  For the past 6 years she has been a stay at home mother.

In making the decision to flee she is now looking for employment.  Her background is in Information Technology, she has multiple industry certifications and is wrapping up a 4 year degree this year.  She is capable of job searching on her own and is doing a great job of it. However, if you know of a great opportunity by all means let us know.

She submitted her need to us as a need for her utilities to be paid because her abusive husband left them to be disconnected.  Through a court order, the utilities have been paid and she is ok for now.  She is moving in with a friend later in the month and after finding employment, she will rent an apartment.

When asked if she had a home church, she said she did not and expressed a desire to connect with a community.  She has turned away in the past and desires community now.

So Here is the need:

  • We need women to call her and let her know that she is not alone.  We need them to provide their contact information to her so that she has people to turn to through this process.  

If you would like to do this, please email and he will guide you.

Between Sundays,
The One Need Team

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