Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.24 = Met!

We sent out the below Need Alert...

Result: Many Deeders responded with donations and 2 Deeders responded to work with the family.  Deeders have paid $950 to fix a car problem that was causing major transpiration issues ands will save the family $300 per month.  She has secured a new home and all of the children are going to remain together and with her!!!! We were honored to help with $550 of the up front costs.

Grandmother of 5 Desperate to Keep Grandchildren Together - Need 14.24

Good Morning.

We alert you this morning of, Canton, Georgia, grandmother in need.  She is trying to keep her grandchildren together in spite of the children being abandoned by both their mother and father.

We were made aware of this need by the Cherokee County Juvenile Court late yesterday afternoon and are praying that we can provide some relief for this grandmother by the end of this week.

The grandmother is working to gain custody of all of the children, but needs your help.

She is trying to care for four boys ages 11, 14, 15 and 17.  And a 3 year old little girl. If she fails, the children most likely will be split up and put into the state system.  She loves her grandchildren very much and wants to care for them.

She already has custody of the 17 year old grandson, who will be a junior at Cherokee High School next year. As a result of the stable environment, her leadership and love, he is finally succeeding.  He is playing football, getting good grades and working.  If he can stay on course he has a real chance at getting a football scholarship. 

She is working with DFCS and there are no safety concerns. She just needs appropriate housing for all of the children.  This is simply a poverty issue.

With a court date quickly approaching in the next month, they need to find a 3-4 bedroom home in the Cherokee High School District for $1000 per month max.... They also have a several other peripheral needs that we have listed below.

She does not have great credit and has already been denied from a leasing company once and lost her deposit.

So here it is...

Their Needs:

  1. Prayer -  Please take just a second to pray for this situation.  Pray for the family and the Deeders that are receiving this Need Alert.
  2. A Home - 3-4 Bedroom Home in Cherokee High School District for $1000 per month.
  3. Deposit/First and Last Month's Rent - $2000 Cash.  You can make a 100% tax deductible donation by clicking HERE . Every single penny of the money we receive for needs goes directly to that specific need.
  4. Furniture -  4 Twin Beds - 1 Queen Bed - Other Bedroom Furniture and Bed Linens - Couch - Living Room Furniture - Kitchen items - She attends First Baptist Canton and possibly has a single bed from her church already.
  5. Community - What they need in the end is a community.  They need people to rally around them, love them and support them.

If you have any questions please email  Rodney McClure or call him at 678.431.8200

Are you a part of a local church?  Maybe your group could take on some this need.


The One Need Team

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