Mother and Father Laid Off within 2 Weeks of Each Other: Need 15.28 = Met

STATUS = 4 Deeders have responded and donated $450.  Need overwhelmingly met within 4 minutes. Thanks be to God!

(Updated on 5.29.15 at 10:58am)


Happy Friday!

We alert you today of a mother and father of 2 young boys that were laid off from their jobs within two weeks of each other. One Need and our church partner have been working with them for several weeks through this trail. They both have been very diligent in working at career centers and through staffing agencies to secure employment. Through our financial counseling we can see some real issues with month bills approaching, but we are not alerting you of that today.

They have not been able to secure any assistance from any government source to this point. No unemployment, no food stamps, nothing. They have worked consecutively for many years and have lived paycheck to paycheck like many people. Now they are not sure how to move forward with the loss of all sources of income. As I mentioned, we have been walking through this with them and are not leaving their side until they are back on their feet. As of this morning they are $20 overdrawn in their checking account, have 1/4 tank of gas, and no food.

Take just one minute and imagine that it was you or someone you personally know in their spot.


We ned to get them some food money for the next 30 days - $200

They need a gas card to make sure they can get to interviews - $100

This is the total emergency funds we need to collect for the church partner as of today. We are working and praying on solutions to the fast approaching month bills, but it does not fall  into the urgent category yet.


How To Help

1.) Take a second and pray for this Need Alert and every Deeder that is receiving it.

2.) Make donation below.

*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.

All Need Alerts are prayed over and fully reviewed before you receive them. When you see a Need Alert from One Need we want you to have confidence that we are providing relief to a person with a real need. Furthermore, you should know that every need originates with a local church partner. Less than 5% of the Needs we work with become Need Alerts. You can feel confident that when you receive a Need Alert, like this one, that we have dug in and worked with the local church partner and the person in need. We know these people, their backgrounds, and have others that confirm these needs.
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In Christ,

Rodney & The One Need Team

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