Father of 4 Working through Complete Tear of Bicep Tendon: Need 15.30 = Met

STATUS: 10 Deeders have responded and donated $450. Need Met!

(Updated 6.3.15 @4:25pm)


Good Afternoon.

We alert you today of a very steady and hard working father of 4. He has an employment background that includes 10 years of fire fighting and many other years in law enforcement. Several years ago he left those public service roles and began working in HVAC industry in order to have more time with his children.

Last year he suffered a complete tear of his bicep tendon. This injury resulted in him being forced to take Worker's Comp. Over the past months he has been able to make it work veven though his Worker's Comp pay is significantly less than his normal pay.

He is healing up now and is at the end of this physical trial.  However, he is struggling a little to secure employment. He is still able to collect the worker's comp, but it is just not make the ends meet and is eager to get back to work. We are working with him to secure employment and are confident he will have employment in the next 30 days.


He is $450 short on his rent. If he is unable to pay this rent he will be served eviction papers. this will just further complicate his recovery form this injury. He is truly a hard working pepsin and we are very confident that this is a hand up for him, not a hand out.


How To Help

1.) Take a second and pray for this Need Alert and every Deeder that is receiving it.

2.) Make donation below.

*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.

All Need Alerts are prayed over and fully reviewed before you receive them. When you see a Need Alert from One Need we want you to have confidence that we are providing relief to a person with a real need. Furthermore, you should know that every need originates with a local church partner. Less than 5% of the Needs we work with become Need Alerts. You can feel confident that when you receive a Need Alert, like this one, that we have dug in and worked with the local church partner and the person in need. We know these people, their backgrounds, and have others that confirm these needs.
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In Christ,

Rodney & The One Need Team

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