Expectation vs Reality.

Expectation vs Reality.

In Mark 11:12-25 there are two stories that seem disjointed from each other. The first is that Jesus while walking along and hungry, came upon a fig tree that appeared to be fruit bearing. It had full green leaves and fig trees usually bear fruit when the leaves are full and green. When He inspected the tree, there were no figs. Jesus then curses the tree saying it will never bear fruit.

The next story, he comes into the temple and finds money changers taking advantage of people. Money changes were known in that day to take advantage of those exchanging goods for Roman currency and marking up the exchange to be rob people. Jesus drives out the people doing this and then began teaching. The people marveled at his teachings and the local leaders were angry and afraid and wanted to plot against Him.

So what is the connection?

Consider the fig tree. Jesus saw from a distance the presumptions that the tree was giving.. early season bloom, full green leaves, the promise of fruit to a hungry traveler. Instead, His expectations were not met by the promises presented.

Consider the temple. A person would come to offer their sacrifices to the Almighty God, to seek forgiveness of sins, to follow the ritual rote imposed on them by the law. Instead, they are robbed of their livelihoods and then expected to offer the sacrifices that they had to purchase at bloated prices for the forgiveness of THEIR sins!!

Expectations v Reality

In our lives, are we giving off the appearance of good? When those in need and who are in hungry get close, are we truly exposed? If we considered the traverse of these situations, we can maybe see something different. If Jesus would have found figs, He would have been filled, encourage and most likely would have blessed the tree instead of cursed it. If He came to the temple and it was full of honest exchanges to help those offer proper sacrifices, how blessed would those that seek forgiveness feel and how much easier would it be to find it?

Let's examine ourselves and our motives and make sure as those that are in need "approach the tree" find the fruit that our appearance may promise!

Soli Deo Gloria

Jesse Horne

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