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Good Morning!

We alert you today of a Need that we are very excited about. I personally love success stories like this and equally love to hear stories of people opening their lives to those in need.

We are in the process of helping a woman that has worked herself out of Section 8 government housing. She has been employed at a hospital system for 14 years. Her consistent efforts worked her out of the Section 8 program because she was too successful have the free/reduced housing... Love it! However, she made a misstep and found herself and her teenaged son living in a "pay by the week" motel.

That is when members of one of our local church partners connected with her. She is actively involved in volunteering for her local high school where our local church partner is doing lots of ministry work. She is faithful in her volunteer work and beloved by many at the school. That is why when a member of the church found out about her situation, they immediately opened their home to her in a effort to help her fix her unsustainable living situation.

The local church partner also connected her with an Area Expert in Financial Services and they have done a thorough examination of her finances. That have reported to us that they are very confident that she will have more than enough income to sustain herself and her son once she is in a more economical apartment than the high rates of the motel.

The issue is that she does not have the up front cost to move into the apartment. She needs $800 for a deposit to get moved into the apartment. We would like to help her with this deposit.


Apartment Deposit = $800

What You Can Do

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In Christ,

Rodney McClure
Chief Deeder

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