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Good Afternoon.

We alert you to day of a Vietnam Veteran and his wife that are in need of real help. To try to write all of the issues they have faced in the past year would turn this Need Alert into a novel. We are going to try and keep to the simple facts to help you understand their situation, then pray that you will trust our judgment and connection with them, and the fact that we have indeed connected all of the dots.

The husband has Psoriasis of the liver and is very ill. His brother's family called him yesterday and let him know that his brother has 72 hours to live. They have no means to make the 3 hour trip to see him and it is breaking the man's heart.

The wife has Lupus and battles debilitating fatigue on a daily basis while caring for her husband.

Their daughter was recently divorced, after being a stay-at-home mom with no source of income, and moved into their home with her 9 year old daughter. Shortly after this she had her gall bladder removed and has been fighting complications and infections since the surgery. She has been in and out of the hospital frequently.

This senior citizen couple is on a fixed income and the added expenses of helping their daughter while dealing with all of the medical issues has wrecked their already tight budget.

They are in negotiations and modifying their mortgage to keep their home, however all of their utilities payments are 2 months behind.

We are hopeful that they can save their home, but do not want them to go without their utilities if we can help them. We have reviewed their budget and it is sustainable. However, there is no path to dig them out of this hole on their fixed income. We would like to help them back on their feet.


Medications, Power, Gas, Water, Basic Phone = $1,174

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