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We alert you today of a man that has been through some serious trials in the past 6 years. He was a full-time truck driver and member of one of our local church partners. He got a call 6 years ago while attending a baptism service at the church that his, newly married, son had passed away from a drug overdose. Just 2 years later his wife passed away from liver disease. He commented to me through his tears that he has come to terms with his wife's death, but still can't deal with the death of his son.

In September of last year he was in a major auto accident. The accident crushed his knee, hip, ribs and face. He was ejected from the vehicle and almost did not survive. He is undergoing treatment to recover and is on disability for now. He has had a hip replaced and that procedure has gone well. He has a brace that will be fitted on him the 23rd of this month. At that point he will begin learning to walk with his injuries. From there, he will be able to get back to work. However, the disability payments simply are not enough and he is in serious danger of losing a home he once owned outright.

When his son died, he took a loan out on his home to deal with several issues. He did not take great deal out on the home, and the monthly payment is only $177 per month. However, he has not been able to make the ends meet though this injury and is now behind on that payment. We do not want him to lose  his home and, in fact, want to be a blessing to him and provide some security in this area.

We would like to pay 12 months of his mortgage payment while he gets back on his feet.


12 Mortgage Payments = $2,124

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