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We alert you today of a 28-year-old recovering addict in need. This young man was addicted to drugs for ten years. Last year his five-year-old daughter was taken into state custody, and he hit rock bottom. The young man came to Christ and has been sober for four months. He is working through the required steps to regain custody of his little girl as the mother is still using and in jail. He completed his mandatory 90 days of rehab and secured housing in a homeless shelter that was supposed to shelter him for the next 90 days. However, the shelter became infested with bedbugs, and the facility was forced to remove all residents to deal with the issue. The young man is now in a housing crisis. An old friend offered him a couch to sleep on at her apartment, but he declined the offer. He said he would rather sleep on the street than put himself around drugs, alcohol, or other temptations. Taking on a full apartment right now, even if he could qualify, would be a bad idea. He is still stabilizing employment and working diligently through the steps required to reunite with his little girl. However, he has identified and secured a spot in a sober living home. The cost is only $300 per month. This housing is an excellent option for him at this time, and we would like to help him along by giving him four months to get started.


Sober Living Home Rent - $1,200

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