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Happy Friday Morning!

We alert you today of a single mother and grandmother that is in need of help. In November of last year she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During treatment she filed a claim on her Short Term Disability Insurance. She took some time off work, took care of her treatment, and then returned to work.

In February of this year she was laid off from her job of 18 years. Her employee had an ownership change and the new company eliminated all employee tenure status. As a result she was left with 1 month of severance pay.

To complicate matters she has her 20 year old daughter living with her. She had her first child at 14 years old and that child is now 6 years old. She also has a 4 week old baby. She has no contact with either of the fathers and does not maintain employment.

As you can imagine this hard working grandmother is having a hard time keeping it all together after recovering from cancer and seeking employment.

We have connected her with our Area Expert in Employment and feel confident that she will be employed in the next 30 days. She is unable to pay her rent by the first of May, however her landlord is understanding because of her long history of consistent and timely rent payments.

The total she needs to pay is $1,200. We have worked with other organizations and reduced the amount needed to $720.  We would like to help her with the remaining $720 needed to pay her May rent.

This woman is a long time member and nursery volunteer at one of our local church partners. She is a hard worker and we are confident that this relief with help her get back on track from her illness and loss of employment.


Ramianing May Rent = $720

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