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Good Afternoon.

We alert you today of a single woman that has been thrown into a financial tailspin due to the death of her brother. This need was was brought to us from a member of one of our church partners. The two women work together at a middle school lunchroom and the church member has been sharing the gospel with this woman for a long time.

On February the 20th of this year the woman's brother told her that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. On March 1st he passed away. He did not own any life insurance and she had no time to plan for his final arrangements.

Their parents have both passed away and her other siblings are equally as financially strapped. They made the decision to handle the burial at as low of a price point as possible. They did not have a visitation and had his body cremated. They are having a memorial service for him at his favorite state park this weekend.

The issue is that she took all the money she had for her normal bills and gave it to the funeral home to cremate her brother. We would like to pay for the cremation and make her financially whole again.


Cremation Expenses = $1420

What You Can Do

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Rodney McClure
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