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We alert you today of a single mother with 2 high school aged kids and 2 elementary school aged kids. She has been struggling for several months with employment and financial issues that stem from her battle with depression and anxiety. This family has been homeless in the past and was heading back in that direction until the school social worker and our local partner got involved.

Through the persistent encouragement of the social worker, the mother has been able to secure employment as a bus driver. The high school aged son also works and is contributing to the family expenses. As you know, these situations are never simple. They are always layered and this need is no different, so please track with me here.

The lease on her apartment is up in May. Due to the increasing home values in the area she lives, the market rate on her apartment is jumping dramatically. It does not make any sense to have her try to stay in her current apartment because we feel like she will be in this same spot down the road at some point. However, if she does not pay the backed rent for this last month she will have an eviction on her credit and she will be back in the pay-by-the-week motel lifestyle that she has been out of for over a year. We want to help her transition to affordable housing.

We have boots on the ground working with her and are confident that she will find affordable housing, even if that means leaving the area. She needs $1,550 to avoid the eviction. If we can do this, the working high school aged son has $500 and the mother will have her first paycheck from her new job in a week. When she combines those funds with her child support, she will have enough funds to make the transition to the new apartment. However, with an eviction her record she can not make that happen and if she uses all of her funds to avoid eviction, she will not have money to get into the new place.


Back Rent  - $1,550

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