Single Mother of 4 Is Working Her Way Out Of Homelessness – Need 17.4 – Goal Met!





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We Alert you today of a single mother of four (9,5,4,2) that is working her way out of homelessness. We are working directly with social workers and local family services on this case. In early 2016 this woman lost her job. She was able to take unemployment and began immediately searching for a new job. She was unable to find work in the town she lived, but many of the positions she applied for online in another nearby town (about 3 hours away) responded to her positively and wanted to set up an interview. She made the decision to move to this new town. The job search did not go as expected and she found herself homeless and sleeping in her car with her 4 children. She reached out to a social worker were she had placed her children in school and they began working with her. The social worker could easily see that this mother was really trying hard and that things had just not gone her way.

They were able to secure her an apartment and she also found a new job. Then in September of 2016 she lost her job. She did not have any savings, but secured a new job in just 4 weeks. She has been working to pull things back together and is in danger of being evicted from her apartment. She needs help getting her rent caught up or she will be evicted this Friday. She also does not have any heat in her apartment because it has been disconnected.

This single mother is a hard worker and is trying to provide for her children. She does have some money to help her situation, but is lacking about 1/2 of the total she needs to get back on track. We would like to help her.


Rent - $920

Gas Bill - $160

Total Need - $1,080

What You Can Do

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