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We alert you today of a 29 year old single mother that was forced to separate from her husband 1 year ago. Her husband and the father of her 5 year old boy is suffering from severe drug addiction and that addiction led him to severely beat her during arguments on more than one occasion.

Prior to the domestic violence she was a stay-at-home mother, but all of that has changed. She is currently a full-time student studying to become a registered nurse, holding down two jobs, and caring for her child. She has been able to make everything work somehow up to this point, but finds herself over her head at the moment. She discussed dropping out of school and we just do not want her to do that. She is performing well in school and is too close to just give up due to the financial struggles she is fighting right now.

Her car is eating through tires about every two weeks due to a bent left knee assembly and strut issue. She bought new tires a few months ago and learned about the issue when they went bald a few weeks later. She is currently buying a new tire every other week. She also made a tough (maybe bad) decision to pawn her car title a few months ago when she faced a few other issues.

We have worked through her budget and feel strongly that she can get back on track if we eliminate these two issues. We would like to help her along through this tough time.


Car Repairs = $800

Title Pawn Payoff = $940

Total = $1,740

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