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Good Afternoon.

We alert you today of a single mother that is battling through sorrow and depression. She is a hairdresser and has a 4 year old daughter. She has suffered some heartache over the past several years and in early February she just simply broke down. She is a believer and God is working through her pain to pull her closer to Him.

In 2010 she lost her first daughter at 35 weeks. In 2012 her and her husband were blessed with a healthy baby girl. In 2014 the woman's mother passed away and later that same year her marriage ended in divorce.

As a hairdresser she spent all of her time with others and for many years was know to be full of joy. However, for the past year she describes her outlook as being "weighed down" She said she was just feeling so heavy and alone that she could not go on anymore. In early February she had all she could take. She quit working and sought help.

She has climbed out of her depression through seeking God and is ready to go back to work. She will continue to work through her pain, but feels confident she can go back to work now.

She has been living off of credit cards this month and now rent is late for March. Obviously this is not a great financial decision for her, but please be assured that we are working with her closely and truly believe she made the best decision for her mental health. She will recover financially, but the enemy had her too isolated for her not to take drastic action. She made war on her situation and has suffered some financial losses.

We would like to help her pay her rent as as he begins to recover financially.


Rent w/ Late Fees = $1175

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In Christ,

Rodney McClure
Chief Deeder

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