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We alert you today of a single mother that we are very closely connected to through one of our local church partners. This particular need is very complicated and requires a little more detailed explanation than normal. It is also a little larger in the dollar amount, so please bear with us as we share the story.

This mother is caring for her 4-year-old daughter. She and the father of the child have been divorced for 2 years. In the past year the mother has been dealing with a serious custody battle in an effort to protect her daughter. She noticed that the young girl was showing signs of stress after returning from her father's home on the weekends. Although concerned, she continued to honor the court-ordered custody agreement. However, the father has now been arrested on drug and felony assault charges. He is accused of dealing in steroids, prescription pills, marijuana, and cocaine. He is facing four felony charges and has bonded out on all four. It has also come to light that the little girl was being babysat most of the time when she was visiting her father by an 18-year-old non-family member that is dating the ex-husband. There are major concerns as to what the young girl has been exposed to during her time on the weekends with her father. There is a hearing tomorrow to decide on visitation for the child and the father. The mother is praying for court-ordered supervised visitation going forward.

To further complicate matters for this single mother, she now requires immediate back surgery. She injured herself a few weeks ago and blew a disc in her back. The disc is pressing on her spinal cord and could cause spinal cord damage. She needs to have the disk fused. She is a successful and hard-working professional that has always managed her finances and actually has achieved a level of success even through her divorce. However, the legal expenses now combined with the medical expenses is putting a ton of pressure on her. She is down to her last dime and still facing recovery time following her surgery.

We would like to come alongside and help her through this very stressful time. We would like to help with one month's bills while she recovers. We feel confident that her financial picture will look much better after one month and we can reassess the situation at that point.


Expenses for on month include:

Rent - $1,100
Power - $150
Water - $50
Cell Phone - $50
Childcare - $720
Groceries - $350
Insurance - $320

Total Bills for month = $2,740

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