School Counselor Needs Help – Need 17.72 – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a middle school counselor that is in need of help. She works full time for the city school system and her second job is with the after-school program. She needs all of her income from both positions to make ends meet and has been financially stable by doing this for the past ten years.

Eight months ago she began having strange health issues. She experienced blurred vision, weak and numb limbs, and loss of balance. She ignored the symptoms for quite some time and continued working until they increased to the point that a co-worker had to call emergency services.  It was at that point that she had to figure out what was happening with her health. She is undergoing tests with a cardiologist and a neurologist. While she is receiving excellent care, she is suffering financially. The tests have caused her to miss her second job, the after-school program.  She has fallen behind on her bills and needs help to get caught up until she can figure out what she needs to do to get her health back.






raised of a $1,030.00 goal

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