New Christian In Need – Need 17.77 – Goal Met!


We are halfway through this week, and we have already alerted you to two Needs before this Need Alert. It is an unusually busy week. You should know that historically, since 2010, we have alerted approximately 10% of the Needs we work on an annual basis. Most of the needs, about 90%, submitted to us are people in need of rehabilitation and/or development. When that is the case, we do not apply relief to the problem by sending out a Need Alert. Instead, we advise them and work to direct them to help themselves.

We alert you today to a new Christ Follower that is in need of bridge financially of about two weeks. This husband/father has lived a life of addiction and petty crime. One month ago he dedicated his life to Christ at one of our local church partners and has been being closely discipled by the lead pastor of that church. He has been sober ever since coming to Christ and began looking for gainful employment. His wife is disabled, and their income is dependent on this husband/father. He has secured work but just needs a little help until he gets his first paycheck in 2 weeks.






raised of a $400.00 goal

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