Need Alert 21.52 – Young Single Mother’s Car Flooded

We alert again today to a young single mother whose car was flooded. She works full-time and has a 10-month-old baby. The father is in the periphery, and he doesn’t have any financial ability to help her. Through her pregnancy, she reduced her bills as much as she could to make ends meet. During that process, she changed her car insurance to a “liability only” policy. One morning in early September, she woke up to see her car underwater up to the top of the doors in the parking lot. A major storm came through the night before, and the clogged drains turned the parking lot into a swimming pool.

She continues to work full-time and make her car payment (2016 Honda Civic). However, the additional money she had to spend on transportation made her budget very tight. The original estimate to repair the car was over $5,000. In the end, the repair costs are a little over $3,000. She has come up with some of the repair costs but lacks $1,675 to complete the repair payment. We want to help her through this expensive insurance lesson by giving her the remaining $1,675 needed so that she and her young child can get their car back.






raised of a $1,675.00 goal

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