Need Alert 20.68 – 60-Year-Old Man Needs Back Surgery

We alert you today to a very hard-working 60-year-old man that must get back surgery. He and his wife have a long history of providing for themselves and helping others in need. He has worked construction all of his life and has dealt with back pain and related issues for many years. In October, he injured his back. The result was that he felt like he had partial paralysis in his legs. The doctor discovered that he was completely missing two disks, and the next two were pressing on his spinal cord. The result was a slower nerve signal resulting in partial paralysis. Doctors advised surgery that will require six months of recovery, and without it, he is risking paralyzation from the injured disks down through his legs. He originally dismissed the surgery as an option because he did not know how to survive him being out of work for six months. He continued doing light-duty work to the point that he now can not even do those jobs. He has to get this surgery. He is looking at three months of being totally down. Then three months of very light-duty work. To make matters even tougher, the wife has been laid off due to COVID-19 shutdowns. She has secured a new, well-paying job, but it will not start until April of next year. The surgery is scheduled for the 28th of December, and they have their bills paid for this month. We want to help them with housing, utilities, and insurance for the next three months. This includes a mortgage of $1,020, utilities $335, and insurance of $203 per month. The total need for three months of support is $4,674. This is a larger need, and it will take all of us to do what we can to provide this much-needed relief.






raised of a $4,674.00 goal

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