Need Alert 19.16 – Family Facing Eviction – Goal Met!

This Need Alert is our second one of the day. We typically try to avoid multiple alerts going out on the same day, but it was unavoidable. So we alert you for the second time today to a family that is in need. The mother and father are very hard workers with a long history of supporting themselves and their two daughters (13 & 10).  In November the father was laid off of his job. Although he diligently began searching, he got caught at the end of the year process for prospective employers, and they all pushed him off to the beginning of this year. On January 26th of this year, he secured new full-time employment. He also was blessed with an additional night job. He intends on working the night indefinitely. However, he was not able to pay his rent for the past two months, and they are now facing eviction this week. We want to prevent this from happening to this family and need $1,980 to stop them from losing their housing.






raised of a $1,980.00 goal

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