Need Alert 18.67 – Husband Leaves Abruptly After 27 Years Of Marriage – Goal Met!


We alert you this morning to a 50-year-old wife and mother that is putting the pieces back together after her husband, of 27 years, abruptly left the marriage. The couple led a small group at one of our local church partners and have two children that are 21 and 8 years old. This decision from the husband/father completely blindsided the family.  Her income contributed to the family expenses but was not enough to cover all of the bills each month. We have been working with her on the income issue and feel as if she is on the right path to be able to sustain herself and her 8-year-old child going forward. The problem is that she is in a hole that she can not dig herself out of in time to prevent losing her home and having her power turned off. We want to help stand her up financially by helping her pay these bills so that she can move forward during this trying time.

Mortgage (two months behind) - $2,400

Power - $220

Gas - $140






raised of a $2,760.00 goal

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