Need 22.40 – Young Couple Needs Help to Avoid Eviction

Today, we alert you to a very young family of three that is facing eviction. The mother and father are 22 and 21 years old. They are a hard-working couple, managing to work two jobs each and care for their one-year-old daughter. Both husband and wife lost income earlier this year due to illnesses. The husband also sustained an injury that caused him to miss significant time at his job as a sanitation worker.

They are two months behind on their rent, and they have no family support. Their landlord took them to court earlier this week. They have a court order to pay the two months’ rent, plus fees and late charges, by July 5th or face eviction. They are both back to their normal work hours and are able to come up with half of the back rent. We want to help them cover the other half of the court-ordered amount, which is $1,870.






raised of a $1,870.00 goal

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