Need 22.32 – Accident Leaves Woman Unable to Work

We alert you today to a woman recovering from surgery who cannot return to her work as a hairstylist until August. In March, she suffered a fall at her church that left her with one severely sprained ankle and the other ankle badly broken. Her broken ankle required surgery last month. The doctors ordered her to stay off her feet until she could begin physical therapy in May. They told her that she would likely be able to return to work in August, given her self-determination.

She and her husband both work, but they rely heavily on her income. Without that income over the last few months, they have already depleted their savings and exhausted the church’s insurance funds. We want to help them get through this time by covering one month’s rent, utilities, car payments/insurance, and phone expenses totaling $2,530.






raised of a $2,530.00 goal

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