Need 22.31 – Wife Dealing With Alcoholic Husband

We alert you today to a wife who is dealing with an alcoholic husband. The couple has been married for twenty years, and they have three children. Last year, the husband went through detox and rehabilitation for his alcohol addiction. He continued his sobriety through AA but returned to drinking late last year. On January 28th of this year, he lost his job. He once again entered rehabilitation in February, but he checked himself out in early April and returned home. He started to look for work, but he quickly began drinking again. He went to jail for a short time last week after an altercation in their home.

She is committed to her marriage, but she does not know what to do next. She has a job, but it is not enough to make ends meet. We are working with her through this trial and are unsure what her future holds. She is facing this month’s bills and does not have the money to pay them. We want to buy her a little time to make decisions on how she should move forward in the next 30 days. She needs $3,660 to get through the end of May. During that time, she will make adjustments to their liabilities and connect with a financial planner to help guide her next steps.






raised of a $3,660.00 goal

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