Need 22.26 – 30-Year-Old Single Mother Facing Eviction

We alert you to a 30-year-old single mother and her 11-year-old daughter facing eviction. She works full-time at a law firm and is also a full-time student. She is finishing up her undergraduate this year and plans to apply for law school soon. Her financial shortfall happened as a perfect storm that was outside of her control. As you can imagine, her budget is tight, but she does have budgeting skills and sticks closely to it. Last month, her daughter’s pediatrician noticed some abnormal blood levels. They referred her daughter to several specialists. She is now scheduled to see an endocrinologist next week.

On top of the stress of trying to care for her child, the lab and co-payments have been outside of her budget, eating away at her emergency money. At the same time, the child’s father did not pay the monthly child support. This hard-working mother had to scramble to make up the difference, and she is now behind on her rent. She has already paid what she can. She still needs $1,100 to cover the rent shortfall, late fees, and eviction fees. We want to help her catch up on the rent.






raised of a $1,100.00 goal

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