Need 22.2 – Single Woman Fired For Being Unvaccinated

We alert you today to a single woman who was fired because she did not get vaccinated. She has a longstanding stable work history. Her employer initially required all unvaccinated employees to test weekly, which she was willing to do. Last month, her employer changed the policy and required COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees. She was still unsettled about taking the vaccine and was let go from her job. She has already found a new job, but she lost almost a month of income as a result of the job loss. She needs $1,700 to pay her rent. We would like to help her.

(Please note that we are not taking a particular stance on the vaccination issue. Our mission is to help people in need and encourage others to do the same. We are sympathetic to this woman in need, but any help we provide is in no way a recommendation from One Need regarding personal decisions relating to vaccinations. We are simply here to stand in the gap.)






raised of a $1,700.00 goal

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